Loading and unloading

We carry out various quality controls in the temperature controlled loading and unloading bays. The theme of these is food safety. All the information is communicated to you transparently. Upon unloading, customs sealing will be possible if necessary.

Fast and flexible

Do you consider flexibility to be important? Because you don't know weeks in advance that you have a product available or can supply a product? We will pool our thoughts with you; we can switch fast and help you to find a solution.

Cross docking

Want to save time, organise transport more efficiently or keep the stock position low? Cross docking might be a solution for you. Our forwarding areas are large and fully temperature controlled. We relocate them directly from the ingoing dock to an outgoing dock without you having to store the goods.

Internal logistics

We move your products exclusively with electrically driven pallet trolleys, forklift trucks and reach trucks.


No less than 19 dock shelters ensure sufficient capacity for incoming and outgoing goods. Therefore waiting times are reduced to a minimum. Loading and unloading can take place on pallets or individually.

IFS Breeam Koel- en Vrieshuis