The government and food authorities quite rightly set high requirements on processing food and its storage and transshipment. Working according to approved procedures guarantees reliable and good quality services.

ISO 22000:2005 (Lloyd’s Register LRQA)

Our business operations are ISO 22000:2005 certified and the business processes are fully in line with the guidelines set. This international ISO standard specifies the requirements for a management system in food safety. Generally recognised major elements are incorporated in order to realise food safety throughout the food chain up to the ultimate point of consumption:

  • Interactive communication
  • Management of the system
  • Basic conditions programmes
  • HACCP principles

IFS Food (Lloyd’s Register LRQA)

At Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo we are IFS Food (higher level) certified. This standard has been completely implemented in our business processes. Due to increasing requirements, growing liability, increase in legal requirements and globalisation of product supplies, this standard has been implemented to provide extra guarantees of food safety and quality.


Do you want to store your organic materials, semi-manufactured products or end-products? Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo is Skal certified for the safe storage of your organic products.


In addition, our business procedures have been acknowledged by the Dutch Food and Goods Authority (NVWA). We have various NVWA approvals. Apart from annual (approval) inspections, check-ups and audits, the NVWA also carries out unannounced inspections.


The storage of the goods takes place under the Nekovri conditions, filed at the Office of the District Court of Rotterdam, according to the text as this applies at the moment the transaction is formed. You will be sent a copy on request. The Dutch Court has exclusive jurisdiction.

IFS Breeam Koel- en Vrieshuis