Customs facilities

The Customs consider Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo B.V. and Lintelo Export B.V. as reliable partners and has issued the AEO certificate. This certificate is only granted after a thorough investigation. Past experiences are included in the assessment. This Authorised Economic Operator status offers certain facilities that enable us to work faster and more decisively.

Bonded Warehouse C Spec

Because Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo B.V. has the Bonded Warehouse C Spec license, you can store the goods in a 'bonded' state. This is favourable for your liquidity. You supply the goods 'in transit' accompanied by the T1 document and you don't yet have to pay the duties. Decided to import the goods? We clear the goods for you. From that moment onwards you must pay the duties. You don't pay anything extra for this type of storage.

Tax representation

Do you want to clear goods in the name of a foreign company? That's possible. Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo B.V. has a license to act as a restricted and a general tax representative. With a tax representative you can simplify complex VAT procedures. We take over the tax returns, refund requests, statistical obligations and VAT registrations from you.

Export oriented

Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo B.V. has several export licenses. Do you need an export license for a specific country? We can arrange that for you.

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